At GO Events, we have had the privilege of working with some important brands/personalities, including ‘Bresh,’ ‘Kun,’ ‘Marley and Susana,’ and many others. Our team has worked on the production of a wide variety of events, from the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics to the Copa America and the Rugby World Cup. Our experience in event management and logistics ensures that everything runs smoothly, from the planning to the execution of the event.

Mobility provided by GO Events Group, for all kinds of services that companies or clients require.

Apartments 4/5 stars level, fully equipped, meeting rooms, parking, gym, swimming pools and movie rooms, among other amenities.

Scouting of shooting locations with local iconic views, set up of the studio, construction of the set or studio and more.



Copa América 2024

Eurocopa 2024

Olympic Games París 2024

Rugby World Cup France 2023

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